Associated Consulting Group

Associated Consulting Group Inc. was started in 2001. We are a boutique insurance agency that prides itself on service. We have built a reputable firm based on good relationships with all our clients. Our motto is simple: we treat all clients the same regardless of size. Our clients vary from the small to mid- size businesses, Labor Unions, and Municipalities. We offer all lines of insurance (individual and commercial), including supplemental and discount insurance programs.

Founded in 2001 by partners Stephen DeMaria & Joseph Pernice

Since that time the company has grown, with the help of both their internal staff and outside sales force, to one of the very few Consulting/ Brokerage firms that can handle all aspects of a company’s insurance and consulting needs. Whereas most firms need to farm out their services ACG, on the other hand, has the ability and resources to handle it all.

Stephen DeMaria

President CLTC, MDRT,
National Group Leader

SD has been in the insurance business for over 30 years. Stephen is a 3rd generation insurance agent that started his career with New York Life Insurance Company and is currently a senior NYLIC with the company. As a member of the “million dollar round table”, he has been a leader in the health insurance business for over 30 years.

Graduated CUNY in 1970. Entered the insurance industry in 1987. Worked with law enforcement organizations across the country putting together their ancillary & supplemental insurances. Worked with Union, Non-Union, For-Profit, and Not-For-Profit organizations as well. He has created a new approach to employee benefits that allows the organization have full control over their benefit costs and design  Specializing in implementation of Self- Insured health plans, while resourcing the right people and companies that work best for their clients’ need.

Joseph Pernice

Vice President & CFO

JP started his career in Public Accounting, working as an auditor for KPMG and went on to work in tax with a smaller firm. After years of service he transitioned to the insurance industry partnering up with Stephen DeMaria. He has built a solid foundation in both life and health insurance. Joseph focuses to service the law enforcement community in the NY Metro area and across the country.

Graduated Wagner in 1997. Worked for some of the largest CPA firms, including KPMG. Specializing in securing Liability/Property D&O, E&O, Malpractice, and EPLI insurances for mid-range companies. Unparalleled attention to detail, started our UBenefit™ division, that allows former employees/members that have lost or had a reduction in benefits to retain most of what they lost. this has been accomplished through negotiations with some of the largest carriers and providers in the country.